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Tessa and Mortimer Wheeler Memorial Fund

November 13, 2007

 Travel Grant

The purpose of the fund administered by the Society of Antiquaries is to give grants to archaeology students (defined as undergraduates, or postgraduates within the first year of graduation and not excluding mature students) who wish to enlarge their experience abroad, perhaps by attendance at a foreign excavation to which they have been specifically invited, or simply by travel to study sites, monuments, museums or topography in a systematic way.

Applications forming part of a research project or excavation will not normally be considered and no grants will be made towards the expenses of undergraduates or postgraduate courses or theses. Applications from students world-wide will be considered.

In filling in the purpose for which the grant is sought it should be remembered that the Committee will put weight on the reasons for the application, its viability (practical and financial) and preference will be given to those who have not already received grants from this fund.

Applications and references (twelve copies of each) must be submitted by the Friday in the first full week of January in the year of application. 

Go to Website for more Info:


Frescoe Collection at Stara Zagora

The above photographs are from three volunteer opportunities in Bulgaria from Balkan Heritage for 2008.

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